Feb 12th 2021




  • Please make sure your items (planters etc are taken inside) So protestors do not use them to damage or destroy property or injure anyone else.
  • Call 911 if you see any aggressive behaviour – the police on site will be notified and can make an arrest faster
  • Lock your doors if you fee uncomfortable when the protest is happening
  • You have the right to deny entry to anyone who is harassing or disrupting you business
  • Please report any suspicious/dangerous/hateful behaviour immediately to 911
  • If you have found anything suspicious days before, please contact our neighbourhood officers
  • We do not support any type of protest that endangers our community members, our visitors or the protestors themselves. Safety and liability is something we all must adhere to, even if we do not want these protestors in our neighbourhood. Please do your best to not agitate the situation.


Please contact our Community Officers here

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