Kensington Market is visited by folks of all types. To help keep everyone’s experience in the market a pleasant one, we are working on a watch and safety program in conjunction with market businesses and community police.

Safe Injection Sites

Details Coming Soon. But you can download info on Evaluation Results of the St. Stephen’s Community House Overdose Prevention Site – Here

Neighbourhood Community Officer Program - Division 14

Neighbourhood Community Officers work in partnership with local residents and community-based organizations to address crime, disorder and community safety issues.

They are embedded in one neighbourhood for at least four years to actively co-develop solutions mobilize Toronto Police resources in order to reduce crime, fear of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Acting as ambassadors for the Toronto Police Service, they work collaboratively with residents as well as community agencies to build sustainable solutions.

For more information on this program please see the Toronto Police Website

Our Neighbourhood Community Officers are:

You can also contact the Kensington Cops through facebook and Twitter for live updates on all things related to safety in Kensington Market

Report an Incident

If you would like to report anything within the market that we should be aware off, please use our form below;