Kensington Market is visited by folks of all types. To help keep everyone’s experience in the market a pleasant one, we are working on a watch and safety program in conjunction with market businesses and community police.

How to Report a Crime


For an emergency – 911

If it is NOT a emergency – 416 808 2222

You can report online – ( theft, fraud, property damage, diving complaint, vehicle theft, graffiti,)

An ongoing Issue – (noise complaint, trespassing etc) –  Our Neighbourhood Officers

A crime you want to report Anonymously

1-800 – 222 – 8477


Homelessness Support

If you are noticing any homelessness in the market and would like to provide support,
please DO NOT call 911, unless individuals are violent against themselves or others.


Instead call 311 and ask to speak to the Streets For Homes Department
This will dispatch a crew within 4 hours to help support the individual(s) and provide support for non- crisis mental health issues.

Mental Health Support

Call 911 if you are in an emergency, immediate danger, or medical distress.

For other needs, call 211 to be connected to mental health and other social services.

Click below for more resources provided by the City of Toronto and Province of Ontario


City of Toronto Mental Health Support

Ontario Mental Health Support 


Theft Prevention

The Toronto Police Service, 55 Division has put together this excellent info-graphic with information on business safety for those who have had to close due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


For more information please see our resources page 


Quick Crime Prevention Tips for Businesses:

  • Ensure locks, alarms and CCTV are operational
  • Track inventory and update insurance coverage
  • Leave lights on inside and out
  • Post emergency contact keyholder information inside the store
  • Remove high-value items from window view
  • When checking your business, do so during the day.
  • Back up all business documentation
  • Tell your business neighbours your plan
  • Display empty cash drawer in window view
  • Report suspicious activity by calling non-emergency line (416) 808-2222




De-Escalation Techniques

Factors for Safety and Inclusion

Safe Injection Sites

You can download info on Evaluation Results of the St. Stephen’s Community House Overdose Prevention Site – Here

Needle Pick ups for SSCH

Please call us between those hours at 416 925-2103 ex 3000.  After hours,

please email

Returning Medical Sharps

Does your household use medical sharps for a family member’s health condition? If so, don’t throw them in the garbage. Improper disposal could put household members, pets, housekeepers, janitors and municipal workers at risk of being harmed by needle stick injuries. Instead, take them to your local pharmacy that participates in the HPSA return programs. By doing this you ensure the proper collection and disposal of these items.

Do your part in protecting the environment. It’s easy and free.

For more info CLICK HERE

Neighbourhood Community Officer Program - Division 14


Neighbourhood Community Officers work in partnership with local residents and community-based organizations to address crime, disorder and community safety issues.

They are embedded in one neighbourhood for at least four years to actively co-develop solutions mobilize Toronto Police resources in order to reduce crime, fear of crime and anti-social behaviour.

Acting as ambassadors for the Toronto Police Service, they work collaboratively with residents as well as community agencies to build sustainable solutions.

For more information on this program please see the Toronto Police Website

Our Neighbourhood Community Officers are:

You can also contact the Kensington Cops through facebook and Twitter for live updates on all things related to safety in Kensington Market

Report an Incident

If you would like to report anything within the market that we should be aware off, please use our form below;