The KMBIA is happy to announce one of its upcoming projects for 2021 in collaboration with the City of Toronto’s ArtworxTO Grant and local non-profit community arts organization, Red Pepper Spectacle Arts.


Jan 7th 2021
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Together we will facilitate and collaborate on an Indigenous-led, Youth engaged mosaic design with the community, to be installed upon the existing concrete boundaries of Bellevue Square Park. The historic Bellevue Square Park, in the heart of Kensington Market is the center of our community gatherings. It provides an accessible, public space for residents, businesses and visitors to intersect and co- mingle.


As Kensington is a nationally recognized historical site, this neighbourhood’s ability to allow cultures from all over the world to happily co-exist in a small geographical area, highlights the importance of this Kensington Market’s past, present and future. However, the Market has yet to engage in a formal acknowledgment of indigenous history and culture. Our commitment to participate in the honoring and commemorating of the Indigenous presence and heritage is a primary objective of this collaborative project.