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The area has seen several waves of immigration from the late 19th century to the present, with each generation contributing to the overall character and dynamism of Kensington Market.

The Kensington Market Heritage Conservation District (HCD) Study was then prioritized by City Council in March 2015. The purpose of the HCD Study was to provide an overall understanding of the area’s history and heritage character and to determine if an HCD would be an appropriate heritage planning tool for the area.


The City of Toronto’s City Planning Division initiated the Kensington Market HCD Study in Spring 2016, engaging a consultant team led by Taylor Hazell Architects to conduct the study. The HCD Study report was endorsed by the Toronto Preservation Board in September 2017 with the recommendation to proceed with developing an HCD Plan for the Kensington Market HCD.


The Kensington Market HCD Plan will include policies and guidelines to conserve the cultural heritage value and heritage attributes of the neighbourhood. The process includes two public meetings, as well as the convening of a community advisory group to provide specific and detailed feedback on policy directions and recommendations.

The HCD Plan phase began in early 2019, and a report is anticipated to be brought to the Toronto Preservation Board by the Fall of 2021

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