On Aprill 1, 2020, St. Stephen’s Community House will be joining the Neighbhourhood Group, thus strengthen support services across the community.

Mar 1st 2020
Toronto Neighbourhood Group and St. Stephen's locations

We are excited to announce that we will join The Neighbourhood Group on April 1, 2020!

The Neighbourhood Group brings together St. Stephen’s Community House, Neighbourhood Link Support Services and Central Neighbourhood House, three vital organizations with combined experience of over 200 years of building community.

We will continue to create opportunities to improve and enhance people’s lives, and help them to live independently and with dignity in the community. Combined, we will be able to serve over 50,000 neighbours in need, providing more than 100 diverse services and programs from 30 locations across the City.

Together we touch more lives through specialized employment programs, settlement and newcomer services, summer camps, conflict resolution, childcare, youth programs, subsidized housing, meals-on-wheels, in-home care for seniors, urban health and homelessness services and much more.

We welcome your questions and feedback!

Please contact us at:

St. Stephen’s Community House
Bill Sinclair, Executive Director
416-925-2103 x1239

The Neighbourhood Group
Elizabeth Forestell, President & CEO
416-925-4363 x104