Active Project

KMBIA’s Pedestrian Lighting project is part of a larger City of Toronto initiative: Kensington Safe Streets. It is designed to create a system that will illuminate the sidewalk area, and brighten dark spots on the sidewalk and any areas of concern.

Lighting Concept:
• Remove dark spots between existing cobra heads by the placement of pedestrian lights between cobra heads; improves contrast ratio
• Want a noticeable fixture presence without glare; glow is not as dark sky friendly but is balanced by human needs triangle

Through various rounds of design/plan revisions, public consultation and a mock-up:
• Placement of the new lighting fixtures is being determined;
• Style of lighting fixture to reflect the Market: functional, decorative and bird-friendly has been selected. A mock-up was conducted on August 10, 2022, to which the Kensington Market community was invited: business members, property owners and residents. 3 options were presented, and a vote was carried out. The lighting fixture that received the most votes was finalized for the project.


Media & Resources

Mock-Up Report
Project Presentation
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