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KENSINGTON KREATORS supports the market’s creative community (artists, designers, performers, not-for profits etc) with the opportunity to test one out of three themed based reactivation ideas made for the Market, by the Market through the City’s Innovation Grant for up to $25,000 in funding.



  • The lack of opportunities to artists, designers, performers, not-for-profits & other creative and marginalized disciplines post-COVID-19.
  • The lack of interdisciplinary, grassroots and bottom – up approach in rebuilding neighbourhoods.
  • The lack of interconnections between artists and businesses to revitalize urban areas.
  • The importance of strengthening relationships and trust between the business community and all members in the market




Kensington Kreator WINNERS

Winter Wonderland   – Living in Technicolour”


Creative Sector:

Event, music, performance and exhibition(s), winter programming


Brief Description of Project 

Living in Technicolour is an immersive and interactive multimedia exhibition that explores senses, emotions and feelings associated with grasping the new realities that we live in. It will showcase a series of performances, music, installations, stories and archives that reimagine/ redefine what it means to be in this time of pandemic.

The event is a monthly exhibition with a series of performances and art installations from January to March. It will be held every last Saturday of the month. We will be collaborating with upcoming and established artists in Toronto to put together the exhibition that will cater to the Kensington community and Torontonians in general.

The monthly exhibition will showcase themes such as Whirlwind, Longing and Enchantment that symbolize feelings and emotions during COVID. The exhibition invites the Kensington community to participate and interact (socially-distance version) with artists and performances. Visitors and participants of the exhibition will be given a zine that contains a ‘bingo’ card that will hopefully encourage them to shop and spend around Kensington market. In this way, the exhibition ‘Living in Technicolour’ would hopefully revitalize and bring back vibrancy in the community after months of quarantine.


Budget TierTier 1$25,000


Community Partner

187 Augusta, Luha Collective 


Describe yourself as a member of the Kensington Community

organization member 



“5 glowing optical illusion murals celebrating the elements of traditional cosmology through sacred geometry”


Creative Sector

Visual Arts, mural work



The Future of Kensington Streets (Public Space Focus)


Brief Description of Project


The goal of this proposal is to create a series of Op Art public interventions that would attract art and astrology lovers to visit Kensington Market during the winter season (2021). Five murals are proposed at strategic locations in the market – four at the key gateways inviting guests to explore/ shop/dine, and a final centerpiece is proposed in the “heart” of Kensington – Baldwin and Augusta.

Each installation will represent one of the five elements of the Universe: Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Ether.Kensington is a beacon for celebrating the mystical and preserving the ancestral wisdoms often swept under the distractions of modern life.

This series aspires to remind people of the intrinsic role that Kensington plays as a platform for nurturing and sharing the healing arts from around the world.

These optical illusion murals would be designed to glow at night with the assistance of discreetly located exterior black-lights, creating a desirable night-time experience, particularly in the long dark hours of the winter. In addition, the murals would be accompanied by information panels where visitors can readily access the stories through which the geometrical symbols incorporates wisdom from the Vedism, Sufi Islam, the Aanishinaabe and Orisha African cosmological traditions.


Budget Tier Tier 2 $12,500


Community Partner

Samara Contemporary , Visual Artist and Kensington Resident


Describe yourself as a member of the Kensington Community

Former resident, mural artist, frequent the market, on an organization/ board 



GIGABIKE  Mobile Stage


Creative Sector

Events and Music



The Future of Kensington Streets (Public Space Focus)


Brief Description of Project

A mobile stage for DJs and MC/singers and live bands to collaborate in the streets of Kensington Market. The bike will be designed to have full capabilities to hold equipment and produce sound in any outdoor space.

The Gigabike stage is designed to collapse and unfold and ride away in minutes. The goal for this project is to create a space for artists to be able to perform and make income, for local establishments to be promoted and for the wellbeing of the market’s livelihood. The Gigabike will open up an innovative way to social distance and enjoy the sounds outside by local artists for years to come. 


Budget TierAll tiers – Budgets provided for all tiers ( $8,500, $12,500, $25,000)


Community Partner ( If applicable) 

Play the Record, Bikes on wheels, CAAM United


Describe yourself as a member of the Kensington Community

Local artist



Media & Resources

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(*) Unless otherwise stated, all Materials and Resources mentioned on are stored within our KMBIA Public Folder *hosted on Google Drive. — This usually includes agendas, meeting minutes, project proposals, worksheets, 3rd Party Forms, and more.