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On behalf of The Kensington Market BIA, we would like to express our concerns regarding the sexual and discriminatory harassment within our community.


Kensington Market is home to 240 diverse and eclectic independent businesses, a unique commercial-residential neighbourhood known for its independent spirit, colourful shop-fronts, vibrant murals, charismatic locals and  family-friendly Pedestrian Sunday events. As such a historically important community to our city, province and country, we would like the opportunity to condone any and all sexual and discriminatory harassment that takes place in our neighbourhood. 


If you visit or work in Kensington Market and have experienced any sort of harassment or discrimination please know, Kensington Market BIA does not tolerate sexual harassment or discrimination. 


If you are comfortable to do so, you are always encouraged to reach out to our community cops who are trained in de-escalation and mediation.


However, if you ever feel you are being threatened and are in danger please call 911 to assist you immediately. 


The Kensington Market board, staff and members are actively taking steps to ensure our organization provides a safe environment free from harassment and discrimination.


Please reach out to us via private message on instagram @kensingtonmarketbia or email for more information or resources.




For all Kensington Market BIA business members, below is the link to the Code of Practice to Address Workplace Harassment from the province.


We strongly suggest you familiarize yourself with the information provided and make it available for all employees to read.


In order for Kensington Market to continue to survive and thrive our patrons and workers need to know all are safe, welcome and supported when they step onto our streets. 


All we ask from all our members is that everyone is treated with the same respect and kindness. 


Thank you for your help, we look forward to continuing to serve the community and work together to keep Kensington as one Toronto’s most vibrant neighbourhoods.


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Understanding and Reporting Hate Crimes – TPA

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