Cherished by Torontonians and visitors alike, this thriving mixed commercial-residential neighbourhood is well known for its independent spirit, colourful shop-fronts, vibrant murals, charismatic locals, family-friendly Pedestrian Sunday events, and over 240 unique and eclectic businesses.


Kensington Market has long been an important shopping, foodie, hangout, and tourist destination. This richly multicultural, open-air marketplace meets all needs: fresh produce, cheese, meats, bread & desserts, bulk spices/nuts/sweets, flowers, restaurants, cafes, bars, live music, local fashion designers & acclaimed vintage clothing, art, music, bike & skate shops, electronics, pet supplies, home-wares, and many specialty items from around the globe.


Kensington Market has long been supported by various community partners. Thank you to our market family for all their support;

Kensington Market Action Committee — General-purpose neighbourhood association.

Friends of Kensington Market — Citizens who love Kensington Market and want to preserve its unique character.

Mike Layton, Local Councillor — “Toronto is a place for everyone; where an improved quality of life isn’t just for some, but for all.”



Please visit our sister site, Kensington Market Historical Society for “knowledge pertaining to the cultural, historical, and art-historical context of the Kensington Market area”

Also visit: Kensington Market Heritage Conservation District Plan to view a heritage study conducted by the city of Toronto.


Today the neighbourhood is one of Toronto’s most vibrant neighbourhoods, a noted tourist attraction and a centre of Toronto’s cultural life. — In November, 2006, Kensington Market was proclaimed a National Historic Site of Canada.